Love As A Foreign Language Volumes 1 + 2

A warm-hearted and funny fish-out-of-water romantic comedy by J. Torres and Eric Kim, Love as a Foreign Language raises the bar for American manga. Joel, a Canadian English-teacher working in a second language school in Korea, has finally had his fill of foreign lands. He’s tried his best to avoid assimilation of Korean culture, stubbornly refusing to learn more than the rudimentary basics of the language, and fearing any unfamiliar foods. His decision to go back to Canada is thwarted, however, when he becomes smitten with a beautiful comics-reading secretary named Hana who works at the second language school. Unfortunately for Joel, his awkwardness at negotiating the cultural currents hinders his relationship with Hana, often with hilarious results. Along the way, Joel discovers that the language of love can be as difficult to learn as any other.

J. Torres, writer, co-creator
Eric Kim, artist, co-creator
Oni Press, publisher